Some of the Top books of Management for the UGC NET Exam 2022

Cracking the UGC/NET Exam in management is regarded as a difficult task because paper II of the UGC/NET in management is created by collecting questions from ten different books. To ace the UGC/NET exam in Management, students must have a clear strategy and the right books. Referring to the right books written in simple language can help you understand and remember complex concepts, especially in Management and in other theoretical syllabi like UGC NET political science syllabus.

Since June 2019, the University Grants Commission has modified the syllabus for all topics included in the UGC/NET Exam. The UGC NET management syllabus is now broken into 10 units or parts.

Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Statistics, Managerial Economics, Business Ethics, Financial Management, Organization Behavior, and Operation Management are among the ten units covered in UGC NET Management (Paper-II) syllabus.

The UGC conducts the exam after compiling questions from all of the books listed
above. As a result, students must be thoroughly prepared in them to clear the exam.

On that note, let’s learn about some of the best books that can you ace the UGC/NET
Management (Paper-II) exam easily.

Marketing Management by Philip Kotler
Philip Kotler, who is considered a pioneer of modern marketing has written the book
Marketing Management. This is similar to the Holy Gita of marketing books.

This book contains many useful principles for learning about various new modern
marketing practices. The content’s correctness and precision are the book’s greatest
strengths. If a marketing concept is written in this book, it must be true.

The key Features of this book include:
● The authenticity of the information and concepts
● Examples relevant to the current corporate world
● Relevant Case studies and illustrations related to the topics

Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge
This edition of Organizational Behavior has been updated to incorporate the most
recent research on the subject of organisational behavior. This book’s material reflects
the latest changes in the corporate environment.

Although this book is not written in basic terms, its examples and case studies are
closely tied to each chapter for better understanding. This book attempts to explain
difficult chapters using relevant pictures, making it a more complete book.

Some features of the book include;

  • Pictures, illustrations and captions have been provided throughout the text to engage students with the concepts being taught.
  • Case studies relevant to today’s corporate environment.
  • Updated content.

Financial Management by I.M. Pandey
The author of this book is a graduate of India’s prestigious IIM institute. Although this
book is somewhat large, it covers nearly every major topic covered in the UGC/NET
syllabus. This book also guarantees the clarity and authenticity of the complex topics.

The author utilises excellent examples to clarify difficult issues. Even if you are a
newbie in the area of commerce, this book will not keep you from reading.

Internal Rate of Return, Financial Management: Concepts and Functions, Accounting
Glossary, and other topics are covered in this book.

Trueman’s Human Resource Management by Reetu Dogra
This book is entirely based on the latest UGC NET syllabus. The publisher has divided
the book into ten units, and there are additional electives as well. It includes topics that
are very relevant to the syllabus of UGC/NET and other competitive exams conducted in
Some of the primary features of the book include:

  • Previous years papers
  • Model papers for practice
  • Comprehensive and detailed coverage of management Syllabus for UGC NET paper II.

NTA-UGC-NET Management (Paper I & Paper II) Previous Years’ Papers by R. Gupta

This book is organised into ten chapters: Marketing Management, Managerial
Economics, Production Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource
Management, Financial Management, Advance Statistics & MIS, Entrepreneurship,
Corporate Strategy, Business Ethics, and four electives.

This book is excellent for assessing your preparedness for the exam. To pass the
UGC/NET exam, students must solve the previous year’s question papers. This book
contains approximately 4000 MCQs from prior years. For better comprehension, several
relevant facts have been covered in a box and through pictures.

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